dragon born

•breath attack

during creation the dragonborn chooses a type of breath in addition to the the
breath attack it also detemines the color of the dragonborns scales.
the dragonborn may use the breath attack once a day for 2d6+2 damage of your selected type.

  • holy heals most units for 1d6+2 and does 2d4+2 damage to undead.
  • breath attack can only be used once per day without resting for at least 8 hours

• Flight: dragonborn can fly as long as they have room to
maneuver their massive 2” (12 foot) wingspan. Their Pace
while flying is 10”, though they can double this during a
dive (each inch of forward movement must lower their
altitude by one inch). Their climb rate is 5”.
Use the standard encumbrance rules to figure out how
much an dragonborn can carry. Any penalties assessed from
weight also subtract 2” from their flying Pace.

dragon born

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